Driving Instructor Training Kit: Part 2

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Become an advanced driver!

Congratulations on passing your ADI Part 1 test!

Now, let’s help you pass the ADI Part 2 Driving Ability Test. This is an advanced driving test, so you’ll need to show you can drive to an expert standard in a business-like manner.

Driving Instructor Training Kit Part 2: Driving Ability

Course aims and objectives

  • Prepare you to take the ADI Part 2 Driving Ability Test.
  • Give you the skills, knowledge and understanding to become an Advanced Driver on the UK’s busy roads.

By completing this online course you’ll be ready to get in-car with your trainer to hone your practical driving skills.

How long will the online course take?

  • Our Part 2 online training will take you around 10 hours to complete.
  • We recommend you also take at least 10 hours of practical in-car training too. This should be done with either an ORDIT trainer or a Grade A ADI.
  • Only take the Part 2 test when both you and your trainer feel confident you can pass.

Important: you will only have three attempts to pass the Part 2 exam. If you fail all three attempts, you’ll have to wait another two years* before you are allowed to start the qualification process all over again.

* Two years from the date you passed the Part 1 exam

You’re making good progress!

Now you’ve passed your Part 1 exam, let’s keep the momentum going.

Continue your journey with Part 2:

Essential reading for Part 2:

  • Driving the Essential Skills – DVSA
  • The Highway Code – DVSA
  • Know Your Traffic Signs – DVSA
  • Roadcraft: The Police Drivers Handbook.