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Welcome to your driving school franchise

In this Induction Guide, we’ll walk you through everything you’ll need to know about joining our driving school franchise. Once complete, you’ll be invited to our home for your Induction Meeting. We reckon you’ll need around 2 hours to complete this guide. You don’t have to do it all in one go, so take your time and do a section at a time if you prefer. There’s a lot to learn so don’t worry if you forget stuff, you can always come back to it.

TIP – the search feature is really handy to look stuff up once you’ve completed the course


Make sure you complete your pre-induction checklist:

Go to the MATERIALS tab above and make sure you’ve completed everything.

Failure to complete these tasks may result in you your start date being delayed. For example, you’ll need your Trainee Licence and have your tuition vehicle all ready to go!

Pre-Induction Checklist:

1. Apply online for your to DVSA for your Trainee Licence (Pink Licence)

Make sure you opt for the Additional Training Licence where you'll need to complete 20 additional hours of training and NOT the supervised one where you'll need to have 20% of your lessons supervised.

You should apply for this AT LEAST one whole week before you want your badge to start.


If you have problems with the DVSA application process you can call the ADI Team on 0300 200 11 22 and then ext 25 to go straight to the ADI team.  Do NOT join the long queues with the general public so make sure you dial 25 when the call is answered.

To check the status of your application go to the Integrated Register of Driver Trainers (IRDT) 

Please bring your badge along to induction (if you have received it) as we'll need to take a photo of it.  If you receive it after your induction please take a photo of the photo side and text it to 07762 414565

2. Send off BOTH of these completed forms to (sending a photo will be fine)

  1.  ADI3L MD - Application (Signed)
  2.  ADI21 T - Training declaration (signed)

3. Get tuition vehicle ready and legal  to teach

  • Source your vehicle.  It MUST be either White, Black, Gray, Silver, or Red and be no more than 6 years old.  You can try CA Cars and ask for Clara Gibson who is our point person and she'll be able to help you.  Her number is 0116 2849067.  Watch this video to learn which is the best option for you: Buy, Lease, Hire Purchase of CPC 
  • Tell us your vehicle details (VRN, Make/Model, Colour, Transmission) and send them to 
  • Get dual controls fitted (we can recommend David Relph on 01361 695562 or Allan Phillips on 07852 543054)
  • Get ADI car insurance for teaching (recommend Waveney Insurance or Adrian Flux )
  • Graphics arranged at CIM Graphics (we'll arrange a date once we have your vehicle details) 

4. Tell us your workwear sizes

Just email your sizes to 

You'll be supplied with some Polo shirts and a Fleece with our company branding so you'll look the part.  Full-timers you'll be issued 5 shirts and 1 fleece.

5. Read and sign your Franchise Agreement (sent to you via email) 

Please sign the document online.  If you have any questions please put your question in an email and we'll get straight back to you with a written reply

6. Pay the Franchise setup fee

You will have been emailed an invoice for the amount with due date.  Please ensure payment is received before you attend the induction.

7. Open a separate bank account for your business

It's best to keep business and personal finances separate.

8. Register as a self-employed sole trader and arrange to make National Insurance Contributions

9. Get an accountant to manage your tax returns (optional, you may choose to do this yourself)

Here is a free Tax guide for driving instructors

10. Complete the rest of this Pre-Induction course before we meet you

If you have any questions, please write them down and be ready to ask us at induction.

11. Arrange your monthly franchise fee payments

You'll be sent an invoice due when you start your franchise for the following 4 weeks to be paid in advance.

You can set up a Standing Order with your bank to do this for you each month on the due date.