Driving Instructor Training Kit: Part 3

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Prepare to teach!

Congratulations on passing the ADI Part 2 exam!

Now, let’s get you ready to pass the final ADI Part 3 exam and become a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

Driving Instructor Training Kit: Part 3

Course aim

  • To help you prepare to pass the Part 3 Instructional Ability Test.
  • Prepare you to teach real learners and apply for the Trainee Licence (optional) sp you can get out and practice
  • You’ll learn how to deliver client-centred lessons following the DVSA’s learning to drive syllabus
  • We’ll achieve this by giving you the core SKILLS to help you plan lessons on all the key SUBJECTS so that you can then deliver effective lessons.

You’ll soon be able to take a complete beginner all the way to test standard!

Your roadmap to becoming a driving instructor

  1. Study this Part 3 online course:
    • First, complete the SKILLS section as this will give you all the basic skills you’ll need to deliver a driving lesson.
    • Next, start planning lessons by completing the SUBJECTS section. In this section, you’ll learn how to plan each lesson so you can train a pupil from a complete beginner all the way through to taking their driving test.
  2. Get on the road for your practical training:
    • Now you’re ready to get in-car with your trainer to put everything you’ve learned so far into practice.
    • Your trainer will guide you and let you know what you’re doing well at and in which areas you need to develop.
  3. Gain experience by teaching real learners:
    • Once you’ve completed 40 hours of in-car training you’ll be feeling ready to start teaching real learners.
    • At this point, you apply for a PDI trainee licence from the DVSA. You’ll then get 6 months to practice and hone your skills in preparation to taking the Part 3 test.
    • During this time, you’ll also need to take an additional 20 hours of training. We also recommend getting your trainer to observe some of your lessons.
  4. Take the Part 3 exam:
    • Finally, once you and your trainer feel you’ve reached a suitable standard, it’s time for you to take the Part 3 Test of Instructional Ability. Good luck!

How long will it take?

  • This online Part 3 course will take you around 30 to 40 hours to complete.
  • You’ll then need at least 40 hours of in-car training if you want to get your PDI trainee licence. 

Completing your Part 3 online course first is the perfect way to prepare for your in-car training! As soon as you’re on the road, you’ll be able to spend more time practicing. This is because your trainer won’t need to spend so much time explaining the things you’ve already learned from taking this course.

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