Driving Instructor Training Kit: Part 3

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Prepare to teach!

Congratulations on passing the ADI Part 2 exam!

Now, let’s get you ready to pass the final ADI Part 3 instructional ability exam so you can become a fully-qualified Approved Driving Instructor.

Driving Instructor Training Kit Part 3: Instructional Ability

Course aims and objectives

  • Help you prepare to pass the Part 3 Instructional Ability Test.
  • Prepare you to teach real learners.
  • Help you to apply for the optional Trainee Licence so you can get out and practice.
  • Learn how to deliver client-centred lessons that follow the DVSA’s learning to drive syllabus.

We’ll achieve all this by giving you the core SKILLS to help you plan lessons on all the key SUBJECTS. Once we’ve done that, you’ll be delivering effective driving lessons.

You’ll then be able to take a complete beginner all the way to test standard!

How long will it take?

  • This online Part 3 course will take you around 30 to 40 hours to complete.
  • You’ll then need at least 40 hours of in-car training if you want to get your PDI trainee licence. 

Completing your Part 3 online course first is the perfect way to prepare for your in-car training!

As soon as you’re on the road, you’ll be able to spend more time practicing. This is because your trainer won’t need to spend so much time explaining the things you’ve already learned from taking this course.

Time to make the final push!

Now you’ve passed your Part 2 exam, you’re closer than ever to completing your goal.

Prepare for your in-car training with Part 3:

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